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Window Graphic

Vinyl Lettering and Graphics application on surfaces is a cheap way to advertise and improve the look of your storefront.

Vinyl is a widely used material in advertising and it is one of the main components when manufacturing other types of commercial signage: sign cabinets or channel letters, wayfindings. However, applied to a neat surface it can act as an independent commercial sign.

Your storefront design is precisely cut out from a special adhesive material called "vinyl". Vinyl manufacturers offer a range of different colours to choose from, however, in case your brand requires unique CMYK or RGB colour it can be printed on vinyl before cutting. Vinyl can be easily applied on any flat surface such as: windows, doors, boats, walls, cars.

Vinyl's easy to peel off and replace, so it's a popular choice for advertising on windows for displaying: business hours, business name, brand logo, sales, promotions.

Below we will discuss a few of the most popular options you have when choosing to decorate your storefront or office using vinyl decals.

One Way Vision (Perforated Film)

One Way Visibiliy window film refers to a special type of perforated vinyl that offers different degrees of visibility, that allows you to see outside, but prevents others from seeing inside.

Instead of just, applying blank one way vision film, this type of vinyl can be printed to display your commercial message or branding elements so that it can serve as an additional marketing space. This type of vinyl is used when carrying such big advertising campaigns as a full building wrap billboard.

The science behind a oneway vision adhesive film is interesting.

The part that faces the customers has bright, colourful images printed on it, while the holes remain dark. When a person looks at the window they will see the advertisment, their focus being drawn by the bright colorous and their brain will ignore the black spots.

The totally opposite situation happens on the inside. The back of the oneway vision vinyl is black, and remember that the human eye will choose to ignore the black colour and focus on the brighter colours from the outside.

Full Coverage (Opaque Film)

Opaque vinyl film is a type of vinyl widely used in advertising, usually, it is applied on the face of the sign cabinets.

The term opaque suggests that there will be no visibility in either direction inside or outside, which can be exactly what you are looking for. If you want to have visibility in one direction we suggest using the oneway vision perforated film, that we described above.

This type of vinyl is used mainly to decorate glass storefronts, to make use of the additional space and provide shade. This printed film will protect your merchandise and customers from direct sunlight while serving as a marketing tool.

The manufacturers offer a wide range of different colours to choose from, or we can print the requested CMYK or RGB colour, thicknesses and degrees of UV blocking.

Window Frosting

Frosted window decals are cut out from a special type of self-adhesive vinyl called etched glass. Window frosting refers to the process of applying a special type of vinyl that causes the glass to appear as it was sandblasted or etched, but for a significantly lower price.

Frosted Vinyl Film can be applied to any glass surface, to provide privacy, directions, information for employees and customers.

The vinyl can be removed easily, by peeling it away and using a razor blade to clean off the adhesive leftover residue.

If used in interior settings frosted decals can last 5 years or more. Their outdoor lifespan is reduced, due to exposure to external factors such as sun, rain, wind, you can expect your decal to last 3 years or more.

Window Decals

Window Decal is contour cut vinyl, displaying your Logo, Company Name or Message in a clean way, without obstructing the view through the window.

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