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Sign Cabinet, LightBox or even Fascia Sign, all these words describe the same object: an illuminated box that carries your marketing message.

If you take a look around the city, you will probably find thousands of sign cabinets, and for a good reason!

Sign Cabinets have two main advantages over their main competitor the channel letters: they are cheap and easily customizable. Don't let the word "box" fool you, the sign cabinet can be manufactured in any complex shape.

The sign cabinet is a metal box, inside of which several electrical components are placed to generate light. The front part of the sign, also called "the face of the sign" is made out of an acrylic sheet or Lexan, this sheet acts like a canvas where the design and branding elements can be applied. To produce the desired visual effects we cut or print, then cut and apply vinyl on the surface of the sign. The fun part is that vinyl can be peeled off and a new design can be applied when needed.

Sign Cabinets are a better choice when long messages have to be displayed as it offers a wider workable area to list your services and features than channel letters.

Our team here at TOCOSIGNS sign company can help you craft the right sign cabinet that fits your needs.

Wall-mounted sign cabinets are a type of commercial signage used both as a storefront sign and an interior, office sign.

Sign Cabinet expression is used to describe, usually, an illuminated business sign that is mounted on the wall, where the main business entrance is. This category doesn't include the double-faced illuminated box signs that are fixed on to a pole or the edge of the building. These types of commercial signage are called "blade signs".

The wall-mounted sign cabinet is made out of an aluminum, non-corrosive, frame that holds a sheet of Acrylic or Lexan with vinyl applied graphic. Vinyl is a material used often in advertising and it comes in a variety of colours. However, it can also be printed on, thus you are not limited in any ideas or colours. Here at TOCOSIGNS sign shop we can work with any rigorous brand book.

Finally, the sign cabinet is illuminated from the interior, using high-quality LED lights. It is not common to make a non-illuminated sign cabinet. However, it can be a cheaper option and it's extremely easy to upgrade afterwards.

Blade Signs

Sign Shops use the term "bade sign" to describe a type of sign cabinet that features the possibility to display the commercial message on its two sides.

These types of signs are commonly attached vertically on the building, a pole or hanging from the ceiling. Double-sided sign cabinets are manufactured using the same high-quality materials as a usual sign cabinet. The graphics and images are attached to the face of the sign using cut vinyl or printed vinyl. Another option is to print the desired marketing materials directly on the acrylic sheet.

Traditionally blade signs used to be a piece of wood that had the name of the company painted on it. But nowadays they can be customized and designed to fit your brand, they can be illuminated sign blades or non-illuminated, also flat or 3D (refers to a thickness greater than 0.36'').

Bladesigns are an excellent way to capture pedestrian and traffic flow attention both from different directions and multiple angles, also they serve as a good directional sign for your business, as they can be noticed from afar.

This type of commercial sign is popular with coffee shops, shopping boutiques, etc.

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