Cut-Out Letters

Cut-Out Letters

Also known as Flat Letters, these signs are CNC cut into a variety of materials, such as: wood, aluminium, custom metal, foam, PVC plastic etc.

The custom cut shapes and letters have the thickness of the material from which they were cut out and can be applied to all neat surfaces or they can be mounted using special made spacers.

Cut-Out Signs and Letters
an easy and cheap way to deliver your message.

These types of signs are usually used as: home number sign, for event decorations, in lobbies, entrance and conference-rooms, to display messages on wall. They can be transformed into an illuminated sign using spot lights.
There is a range of materials from which the business sign can be cut. The most popular being metal, PVC or acrylic. This letters do not have the outer channel that channel letters have, so the thickness of the sign is determined by the material used and usually it doesn't exceed 0.39''.

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