Channel Letters

If you own a business with a physical presence, a commercial sign is an indispensable asset. A good Business Sign has to fulfill two objectives: give directions and increase brand recognition.

Channel letter signs are the most popular choice of outdoor/exterior signage advertising among business owners. Separated 3-dimensional letters are a better signage choice if you are looking to build a unique and stand-out storefront design for your business place. Modern technology allows us to cut and create 3D signs of different sizes and shapes.

TOCOSIGNS sign company is here to aid you to navigate the colourful and complex world of commercial signs and to help you choose the best storefront sign that meets your brand recognition requirements and your budget.

For your convenience, our sign shop operates in all major cities of Ontario (Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Brampton, Oshawa, Ajax).

Face/Front-Lit Channel Letters

Face-lit or Front-lit illuminated channel letters are great for advertising outside/outdoor of your business location. Being an effective way to advertise and build brand awareness even during the night.

The individually cut, business name letters can be mounted directly on the wall or a rack called a raceway.

To allow the installation of the LED electrical components and an even distribution of light, the side of this type of commercial signage is bigger to create the necessary depth. Hence, they are also referred to as 3D illuminated signs.

The Face of the illuminated channel letters is made from acrylic, which is a material durable against exterior environment factors and comes in a range of different colours to meet our customers branding demands. However, rest assured that you are not limited in colours. If your brand requires a specific CMYK or RGB colour code it can be printed on vinyl and then applied on to the acrylic.

Illuminated channel letters signs are preferred by a range of businesses: restaurants, bars, office buildings, mall boutiques, grocery stores, generally businesses that operate long into the night or 24/24.

Reverse Lit Channel Letters

Backlit channel letters are a deviation of the usual illuminated channel letters that were invented by a creative marketing specialist and quickly gained popularity.

Halo-lit/Reverse Lit channel letters are an example of how creative and versatile the world of sign making is. That's why we love this business, we know that every sign we manufacture has to be unique and reflect the personality and core values of that specific brand and company.

Reverse lit channel letters are the same front lit channel letters however the back of the letters is made out of acrylic, that allows the light to pass, which hitting the wall behind it reflects creating a halo-like effect.

Even though this is an illuminated sign, you must expect that it will not be as bright during the night as a regular face-lit illuminated channel letters sign. Back-lit channel letters are an elegant way to illuminate the storefront of shops and boutiques in malls or inside office lobbies.

Non-Illuminated Channel Letters

This type of signage is used both for outdoor and indoor advertising.

Paired with LED projector lights can be an affordable and efficient way to illuminate a business's storefront.

There is a range of materials from which the business sign can be cut. The most popular being metal, PVC or acrylic. These letters still have the outer channel that channel letters have, but they don't have the particular electrical components inside the channel. The outer channel is made to provide thickness.

The metal cut commercial sign is popular among storefront designers who want to obtain a vintage look for their store. Acrylic cut letter signs offer a more sleek and shiny look, so it's mostly used as an interior commercial sign.

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