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Window Graphic

Take Advantage of the space you have available on the windows!

Applying vinyl on windows is an affordable way to advertise, which doesn't require a special permit.
Vinyl on window can be easily applied, but most importantly removed without leaving any marks.

There are 3 options to apply decorations on windows:

1. Full Coverage of Window (see through or opaque)

2. Frosting

3. Decals

One Way Vision (Perforated Film)

A special type of film, which when applied on the windows allows you to see outside, but prevents someone from seeing inside your store.
Any design can be printed on it.

Full Coverage (Opaque Film)

Opaque Film applied on the window will prevent seeing in both directions. Any design can be printed on it, so one can display new products, sales, etc.

Window Frosting

This is a special adhesive film which makes the glass look as it was sandblasted or etched.
Company name, logos or messages can be cut into this type of vinyl and applied on glass.

Window Decals

Window Decal is contour cut vinyl, displaying your Logo, Company Name or Message in a clean way, without obstructing the view through the window

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