Light Boxes
Sign Cabinet

Light Boxes or Cabinet Signs

The Sign basic elements are:

1. The Back - made from 0.15'' PVC or Aluminium

2. The Side (return) - made of 0.15'' PVC or 0.04'' Aluminium

3. The Face

There are several ways how the sign cabinet's face may be manufactured:

1.UV printed acrylic
2.Vinyl applied acrylic
3.Cut-Out and backed with acrylic aluminium sheets
4.Cut-out Letters and applied on to the acrylic or aluminium sheets.

Wall Mounted Sign Cabinets

The Sign Cabinets are usually mounted on to the wall, either outdoor, onto the store front, or inside, to identify an office.

Double Face Sign Cabinets

Sign Cabinets can also be mounted on a pole or perpendicular to the wall or even hanging from the ceiling. This type of mounting catches the attention of pedestrians and traffic from 2 sides.

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