Channel Letters

Channel Letters are individually cut letters and shapes of your brand name and logo, usually displayed on storefronts.

The Sign basic elements are:

1. The Back - made of 0.15'' PVC or Aluminium

2. The Side (return) - made of 0.15'' PVC or 0.04'' Aluminium

3. The Face - acrylic sheet (for illuminated signs) or PVC (for non-illuminated signs)

The Sign Side size is important for illuminated signs and depends on the height of the Sign, the minimum value is 2.7'' , this allows an even distribution of the LED light.

Face-Lit Channel Letters
are the most popular type of outdoor commercial sign.

A Front Lit Sign means that the sign's face is made out of acrylic (colored or applied vinyl) and it is illuminated from the LED lights located inside the channel letters.

Reverse Lit (Halo Effect) Channel Letters

Back-Lit channel letters are a type of signage, where the LED lights are mounted to the back of the channel letters and the light is projected on to the surface where they are mounted.

Non-Illuminated Channel Letters

Non-Illuminate Channel Letters are a cheaper version of channel letters. This type of signage may be illuminated using an exterior source of light, such as a LED Flood Light directed to the Sign.

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